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Jayne & Adam

When Jayne first asked me if I’d be her wedding photographer I was over the moon. Their wedding took place in the historical town of Ledbury and then we all went back to their beautiful home in malvern for drinks and a celebration afterwards. I had never been to Ledbury before and I was quite taken by the cobbles streets and numerous historical timber framed buildings, some of which were build in the 16th century. Although this wedding was set in a traditional market town, it was far from traditional, Jayne wore a beautiful sequinned dress and managed to navigate the cobbled streets expertly in her extremely high heels. They had a small intimate ceremony with around 12 guests and the whole day was filled with love and joy for the newly wed couple. It was a please to capture.

This was such a fantastic day to be a part of. The day started at their wonderful home in malvern where Jayne got ready with her bridesmaids and close family.

Once we were all ready I raced ahead and got some quick snaps of Adam before the ceremony started and before Jayne arrived. Their ceremony was in a little historical town called Ledbury.

The ceremony took place in the Jacobean Meeting rooms and was a short but beautiful ceremony that had all the bridesmaids tearing up.

Once the ceremony was done and all the important vows had been made it was time to wander a short distance up the hughstreet to the Feathers Hotel for lunch. There was just enough time to fit in some portraits in the gardens first.

The meal was absolutely fantastic and once everyone had sufficiently indulged the final part of the day was help back at Jayne and Adams wonderful home in malvern. Adam had spent the weeks prior to the wedding making their garden into a wonderful place to host a party and it did not disappoint. A wonderful time was had by all those lucky enough to attend and it was a real privilege to be asked to capture such a wonderful day.

I couldn’t write a blog about this day without mentioning the guests of honour. Jaynes Labradors Missie and Della who were the stars of the show and as such I felt it was only fitting that they should get there own section/gallery in this blog post.

Missie was particularly impressed that Adam and Jayne had TWO wedding cakes!

Finally it would have been rude not to make the most of their wonderful home and take some more beautiful portraits. The best outside under the tree was the perfect spot.



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