Somerford Hall Wedding Photographer

bride and groom walking through shaded area hand in hand smelling at each other

Becky & Paul

It was a case of third date lucky for Mr and Mrs Beadsworth who has actually ties the knot legally the day after Boris’s first ever speech in which he put the country into lockdown. I remember how tough it was for becky who was at their stunning venue Somerford Hall on the Friday evening listening to Boris and not knowing if their wedding would get to go ahead or not!! In the event they were allowed to say their vows and that was it. They got legally married and went home!

Fast forward 18months and they were back at Somerford Hall to renew their vows and to celebrate with all of their family and friend. They were finally allowed to have the day that they had planned from the start! A bonus for Becky also getting to wear her beautiful wedding dress for the second time!

I arrived at the venue around 10am to take some shots of the venue and Paul arrived shortly afterwards. Becky had been staying over with her bridesmaids the night before and when I arrived she was just getting some of the finishing touches done to her make-up.

Once Becky and her bridesmaids had moved into the bridal suite it was all finishing touches to hair and make up, not to mention that there was a small supply of fizz being sipped throughout. Once hair and make-up had been finished it was time for Becky to get back into her beautiful dress…….

There was enough time for Beckys Dad to come up to the room to see her just before having to escort her down to the ceremony room and down the aisle where Paul and all of their lovely guests were waiting.

There ceremony room is a beautiful place with large windows that let exquisite light in that baths the aisle with a warm natural glow. Becky and Paul had a short ceremony conducted by their very own celebrant who also happened to be the chief bridesmaids partner. It was a touching ceremony filled with joy and happiness.

After the ceremony Becky and Paul mingled with their guests and enjoyed some more fizz and canapés. Then there was time for us to grab some of the group shots before we went off for a few minutes to get some couple portraits. There was also plenty of time for people to grab the obligatory wedding selfie!!!

bride and groom walking through shaded area hand in hand smelling at each other

Once we’d had our fun getting these amazing portraits it was time to go back inside and start the wedding breakfast. The room was decorated beautifully, a perfect environment for all to enough a fantastic meal and a couple of extremely entertaining speeches.

Once all of the speeches were done and the food had been served. There was some time for everyone to relax and for evening guest to arrive before Paul and Becky took centre stage around 8pm in the evening for their 1st Dance. The band continued to play into the evening and all the guests and I enjoyed the party atmosphere. This day was a joy from start to finish and I had an absolute blast. Thank you to Becky and Paul for having me along, I wish you every happiness as you continue your married life together. Dan xx




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