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I know that planning a wedding is a huge task and that you will have a lot of questions for your photographer. All your questions are welcome and I will always try to answer your queries as thoroughly and quickly as possible so that your mind is at ease and all you will need to do is enjoy yourself. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions.

Do we need a second shooter?

The only rule here is, it’s entirely up to you. If you want one we can arrange it without any problems. Second shooters can be great for getting different angles and perspectives, if you’re having a small intimate wedding of 50 people or less than two shooters can be over the top but if you’re planning 150+ guests then it’s generally a good idea to have 2 photographers.

 It is also worth considering at this point any restrictions that your venue might have. Particularly for church ceremonies and churches are often strict about where the photographer can stand during the ceremony and sometime we are not able to move around. This can also be the case in other venues since the C-19 word came along last year. In this case you may want a second shooter so that we can get different angles for the ceremony. It’s always worth a conversation with your venue to check things like this out. Whatever the restrictions I’m here to help and we will sort out the best way to capture your special day so three no need to stress.   

We hate having our photos taken, how do you get around this?

This is a question I get asked all the time, and I totally get it, I feel the same! This is why I adopt a less posey and more natural approach to photography, I promise to make you feel at ease and my aim is that for the most part you won’t even know I’m there. I might ask you to stand in some nice light from time to time but my aim is that you are able to enjoy your day without worrying about your photos. I aim to capture you in the best and most natural way I can. Your job is just to enjoy yourself.   

We love to party, How late will you stay?

No worries here, absolutely YES, If you want, I will stay right to the very end until all of the drunken goodbyes have happened. I love the party vibe and shots of you and your loved ones on the dance floor are ofter the ones that will make you smile the most when you look back at your day.

We are getting married abroad, how does this work?

I love to travel and if you are planning a wedding abroad I would LOVE to come along and capture your day weather it’s a big Italian day or an intimate ceremony in Wales, drop me a line and I will be there!

Flights and accommodation either side of the wedding are additional in this package, I look for the cheapest flights to keep the cost to a minimum so early flights are not an issue. Usually I would fly out to you guys the night before the day or morning before your wedding in time to capture the pre wedding meal or party the night before and to get to know the group. I’ll shoot the wedding day and stay until the party stops. If you’re having a party the following day the I’ll even stay and capture this for you!. For more information about my destination wedding package just drop me an email via the contact for and I’d be happy to send you a brochure.  

Why do a pre-wedding or engagement shoot?

 I love engagements shoots. They are a brilliant chance for us to get together before your big day and get to know each other. It’s also a chance for you guys to get comfortable in front of the camera if you are feeling a bit apprehensive. I get it, not all couples are fashion model and that’s cool, we can find the best way to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and take that forward into your wedding day. You’ll also get some great shots in the process that you might want to use for your wedding invitations.

Are albums worth it?

In one word…..YES!!!!

I feel very strongly that printed pictures are the best way to enjoy them. Hanging your photos on the wall and thumbing through albums is such an amazing thing to do. Albums will bring back the magic of your day time and time again for years to come. They are also a briliant way to have a hard copy of your photos. 

Can I add an album after the wedding?

Absolutlely. An album can be added at any time from the moment you book until 2 years after your wedding. There is a promotional price for albums if you add one to your package before the wedding. you will sacve £400 if you add it to your package. 

How does it work?

Once I have delievered your final gallery you simply favorite the photos that you want to use in your album and I will design and album to your specifications and send it to you for proofing and approval. Once approved I will order the album to be shipped to me so I can make sure its perfect before I then delivery it to you. If you need help at any stage we can chat or meet to iron out the finer details. 

We Love our Album

“I love looking through our Album, it brings back all of the amzing emotion and memories of our day”.

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